In order to be considered, your submission must meet the following criteria:

  1. Name of surfer, photographer, location (Pipeline or Backdoor) and date must be included in your submission, as well as file name for each of the submitted images (ex. milsoky-russo-pipeline-1-1-12.jpg).
  2. Submitted photos should be high-resolution, corrected jpg (requested size of 72 dpi @ 1500×998 pixels) along with the raw file (if available; for publication purposes if selected).
  3. If the total file size exceeds 20MB, it is highly recommended that you use a file sharing service such as or to deliver your photos. Please include the download link in your submission email.
  4. Both single image and sequences accepted. When submitting multiple images, a .zip archive containing all the relevant files is preferred.
  5. Only registered surfers and or photographers may submit their images.
  6. No image enhancing or video stills allowed.
  7. Deadline for photo submission is no later than 11:59 p.m (HST) on February 10, 2013.

If you haven’t already, please review The Steep & Deep Pipeline Photo Challenge Official Rules prior to submitting for rules and judging procedures.

Please include the full name of both photographer and surfer, the date the photo was taken, and location (i.e. Backdoor or Pipeline). If using a file sharing service for your submission, please include the file's download link.
(.jpg, .tif, .raw, .zip accepted up to 20 MB) If file size is larger than 20 MB, please use a file sharing service instead. If submitting more than one photo, please compress all images into a single .zip archive.
Please enter the text from the image above.