The 2nd annual LIVE LIKE SION GROMFEST was a huge success thanks to everyone who helped make this event possible! The picturesque beach quickly filled with 150 competitors and their families.  Families and friends lined up and down the beach with tents and coolers and everyone smiling as we were all about to celebrate the birth of Sion Milosky with his 2nd annual LIVE LIKE SION GROMFEST.
The whole concept of the contest was to celebrate Sion’s birth while perpetuating a legacy of a family first lifestyle through the love of surfing. We were all there for a good reason and you knew it by the atmosphere and vibe on the beach with families and community coming together to surf and have Fun!
Sion’s GROMFEST is a 12-under event for unrated groms.  The camaraderie was incredible to say the least! Seabass brought a board which he donated to the event for a silent auction and then he held an on the spot autograph signing which the kids could not get enough of! Some pros showed up to support of the LIVE LIKE SION GROMFEST such as Evan Valiere, Stephen Koehne, Jesse Merle-Jones, Kaipo Jaquias, Dustin Barca, Pancho Sullivan and Sebastion Zietz. and Kamalei Alexander giving the kids a chance to talk and rub shoulders with Kauai’s finest!
Volcom in collabaration with Sion’s wife Suzi Milosky, once again designed an awesome t-shirt and hat which each competitor received showcasing Sion and one of his two daughters Sariyah, surfing tandem. Volcom also provided tons of prizes and goodies for all the kids.  We could not make this possible without the help and support of everyone in the surfing community and the tight knit community of Kauai. Everyone showed true testament as to what it is to Live Like Sion!
Check out this video on ESPN X Games site