Last week we posted the finalists for the inaugural Steep and Deep Challenge. This week we’re happy to announce the winners as Billy Kemper and Zak Noyle. Both will receive printed photos of the wave (within custom frames) and prize packs from GoPro, Kicker and Oakley. And as a bonus for his fine work behind the lens, Zak will get a $1,000 cash prize. See below for a short interview with Billy and Zak, and get ready for next year…

How does it feel to win the Steep and Deep Challenge in honor of Si? BILLY: I can’t even explain how much of an honor this is. It doesn’t even seem real! I knew that to win this contest against all the boys I would have to live like Si and charge balls-to-the-wall everyday. To be chosen as the winner is unbelievable. ZAK: I am so very honored to even participate in this event. It truly is for the love of surfing and Pipeline, something that Sion embodied so amazingly. There were so many great photos and photographers in the contest so to win feels great, but it really is all about coming together and sharing the stoke of getting a great photo at Pipeline amongst friends.

What are your overall thoughts for this challenge? 

BILLY: This is the best contest ever; a contest between all the boys for who gets the craziest shot in honor of the best all around person in the world, Sion. I can’t wait for next year’s contest, I’m just gonna try do the same thing: paddle out with a smile and not hold back. ZAK: I think this was a great inaugural run for the event. Many more will come, and it will only be getting better each year.

Anything to add?

BILLY: Thanks to Noyle for getting the shot. He’s the man! And thanks to all the boys for pushing me and to Si for inspiring me to have fun no matter what situation. Also, would really like to thank Suzi [Milosky] for making this all happen. I try my best to live every day like Sion would. Forever with you brother! ZAK: Billy deserved this win; he has worked hard this winter and charged during this swell as hard as any out there. The prizes are amazing for this event, and I would like to donate 100% of the money to the Milosky family. Sion was a great friend, and someone that gave so selflessly to others on a daily basis. He surfed for the love and pure stoke of being out in the barrel at Pipeline. The only thing he loved more than Pipeline was his wife and two girls. I am once again very honored to be apart of this event and thanks to Suzi for making it happen! Photographer Zak with Koa Custom Fame

Surfer Kemper with Custom Koa frame   Stay tuned for next years event.  

Check back here to Look out for next season registration for the annual

Steep and Deep Pipeline Photo Challenge 2012/2013 this Sept 2012.

A hui hou!