Steep and Deep Pipeline Photo Challenge - Sion Milosky

We want your images!  We have a few weeks to go and this is a reminder to all registered surfers and photographers to get on the ball and start tracking your images down.  There were epic days at Pipe and Backdoor before, during and after the Volcom Pipe Pro.  Congratulations to Jon Florence for taking the win at the Volcom Pipe Pro 2012.

Reminding all you surfers and photographers to go through your images to submit to the Steep and Deep Challenge.  Surfers and Photographers need to take a proactive approach here in this contest and contact one another.  Take a look at the complete list of registered surfers and photographers here on this site.  We are looking for surfers who are Steep and Deep at either or both Pipeline and Backdoor.  There are no limits to how many entries you can submit.  Images you feel are worthy, we want.  We look forward to all your submissions. Submit your images here.

Sion is stoked to have such an amazing crew of athlete surfers and photographers in the water charging in honor of him and being part of an amazing never before challenge at Pipe and Backdoor.

Any photographers who have yet to sign up can still register online, click here for details.